Editor Enhancer

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Editor Enhancer Pro is now available!

Eventually, the free "Editor Enhancer for Oxygen" plugin will be rolled back, as I don't intend to continue with updates and plan on spending my time making EEP better and better.
Better UI/UX

Editor Enhancer for Oxygen

Everyone agrees that Oxygen Builder is the best! Use this plugin to enhance your experience. It's FREE!

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Editor Enhancer is designed exclusively for Oxygen Builder. It will not work with any other WordPress site, template, or page builder. OxyUI is produced, developed, and maintained by Ukuwi, LLC and has no affiliation with Oxygen, nor is Editor Enhancer officially endorsed by Oxygen.

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Structure Panel

Find Your Elements Fast

Editor Enhancer updates the structure panel DOM tree with a nicer display. Spacing has been removed so more of the tree is shown. Elements are color coded for easier browsing, as follows:

Sections, columns, and divs
Headers and text
Links and buttons
Images, videos, and icons
Code block and inner content

Editor Panels

Know What You're Editing

The left side panel is improved with easily accessible media queries, indicators, and tabs. A green dot on a media query selector means it has been edited, and a blue dot means it's the current one.

Green dots also indicate that styles have been added within the advanced tabs, making it easier to spot what you've done.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick Access to What You Need

Editor Enhancer adds a bunch of keyboard shortcuts so you can easily access the add-element, structure, settings, stylesheets, and selectors panels. Use the same shortcut to close the tab you're looking at. On top of that, keyboard shortcuts have been added for quickly saving, duplicating elements, and entering a quick-view full-screen mode!

More LInks and Easier Tabs

Links to Common Admin Pages

As extra features, Editor Enhancer also updates the existing top-right buttons and adds several links to the "Back to WP" tab in the editor. The links help you get back to various, common admin pages with just a single click, rather than two or more.

Get Editor Enhancer today for free with unlimited and lifetime use.

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The Complete List of Features

Here They Are, At a Glance

Improved UI

- Neutral grayscale
- Consistent blue buttons
- Better organization
- Easy access to media queries
- Media query indicators
- Styling indicators for advanced tabs
- Remodeled structure panel
- Element indicators for structure panel

Keyboard Shortcuts

CTRL + S = Save
CTRL + D = Duplicate selected element
CTRL + Q = Toggle Quick-View Full-Screen
CTRL + 1 = Toggle Add Element Panel
CTRL + 2 = Toggle Structure Panel
CTRL + 3 = Toggle Settings Panel
CTRL + 4 = Toggle Stylesheets Panel
CTRL + 5 = Toggle Selectors Panel

Goodies & Testing

- Extra Links in "Back to WP" dropdown
- Better top-right buttons
- Quick-View Full-Screen Mode
- Works with Oxygen 3.X.X
- Tested up to WordPress 5.3
- Tested in all major browsers
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